A request to all guests.

(1) Upon check-in, all travelers are subjected to a in order to avoid direct face-to-face contact and to prevent infection.

(2) All travelers are subject to at the time of check-in.

(3) If a traveler has a fever or shows symptoms of a cold, we will ask for instructions from the local health center or the Returnee/Contact Center, including on weekends, and take appropriate measures.

(4) Regarding the use of common facilities such as eating and drinking facilities, we have established restrictions on the number of people and time limits to ensure 3 secrecy measures.

(5) Buffet service is not available. We serve meals to guests with reservations at a limited time and in a limited number of persons.

(6) Disinfecting and ventilating common spaces, etc.

  • The Villa Kazbo has returned to normal operations. However, we would like to ask our guests' cooperation in some matters to prevent coronas.
  • For reservations, please visit 直接080-1071-0423又はinfo@kazbo.comにご連絡をお願いします. We also accept reservations from, Expedia Group, and Jalan. Booking directly with us is a great way to take advantage of our special offers.

Kazuya Fukuda, Representative Director, Kazbo Inc.

Vacation rentals, Villa rental
Vacation rentals, Villa rental

It is quietly hidden in a beach resort in Amami. The villa is available for private use as a whole building or as Room A, B, or C. Guests have their own private pool and gorgeous oceanfront views.

Direct: 090-2662-0783 又は